Our Rules
  • No commercial vehicles

  • Knockhatch Campsite or any business on the grounds of Knockhatch will not be held responsible for any damages to personal items or lost property.

  • Anyone caught entering any of the business grounds out of normal operating hours will be considered trespassing. Please ask in Campsite Reception for areas to walk.

  • All music and general noise must be quietened by 9:00PM. Please consider others.

  • You must not fish without paying for it and showing us your Rod License.

  • The gate locks at 9:00PM. No one is allowed in or out unless it is an emergency. If you are arriving past 9:00PM, you will be expected to park in the Ski Centre Car Park until 8AM the next morning.

  • We allow sensible campfires, NOT bonfires. All campfires must be kept in a camping fire pit, you may bring your own or rent one off us.

  • No reckless driving in the grounds of Knockhatch, stick to the set speed limits!

  • You may bring your own fire wood or buy fire wood from our shop, we do NOT allow wood to be collected from surrounding premise or woods/forests. All wood must be proper fire wood and not building timber!

  • Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times. They must also be cleaned up after them. Please ask in Campsite Reception for public areas to walk your dogs.

  • Please only put general rubbish in our bins, we do not want your old TVs, car parts, tents, beds etc.

  • A deposit would have been taken at the time of your booking. This is non refundable if you do not turn up unless cancelled 2 weeks before the due date of arrival.

  • Upon arrival you will be expected to pay for your full stay. If you decide to go home for personal reasons or because of the weather, you will not be refunded for any unused nights!

  • We do not allow anyone to stay longer than 2 weeks.

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. This also includes when they are on the pond side of the fence/gate!

Anyone caught breaking any of these rules will result in being told to leave early with NO refund!

Other Costs and Information

  • Camp fires are allowed on site only if they are inside a fire pit. You may bring your own 
  • If you do not have a fire pit they are available at £2.00 per night but you must pay a £20 deposit which will be refunded if fire pits are returned to us in a good condition
  • Fire wood is £5.00 per bag
  • Kindling is £2.50 per bag
  • Showers are £0.30 per 5 minutes, showers have an honestly box attached so you can put more in if you wish

How to find us

T: 07756521375
E: contactus@khcampsite.co.uk 

Knockhatch Caravan & Camping
Knockhatch Adventure Park
Off the A22, just west of Hailsham
East Sussex, BN27 3PR

When you stay at Knockhatch Campsite, you will receive a discount to enter the adjacent Knockhatch Adventure Park, just ask at reception on arrival.



We can also offer Caravan Repairs, Servicing, Motor Movers, Damp Repairs, Sales etc. on site through LifeStyle Caravans.

Please visit www.lifestylecaravans.co.uk for more information. We can service your caravan while you spend the day in the Adventure Park!